Photo Essay

I’m a massive fan of sketchbook work. i think It’s the easiest way to come up with great ideas, and I can take one anywhere I need it. You can get to the magic that much faster on paper, than on some cold screen. 

Reveal the symbolism behind

make a repeat pattern for the background of the ticket basically Draw my design, Cut, flip, tape then repeat: cut (the other way), flip, tape. Draw in the blank spaces. Transform a repeat pattern onto the lino. Turn my paper upside down on top of the line. Scribble on the back of my drawing to transfer the drawing onto the lino block. I didn't bother about it coming out in reverse - this is the correct way for a lino print.

this is the end result of a repeat pattern, which I used for tickets background.

To construct the best graphic, I collected the data and made a list or table so I can quickly layout it into a pictogram.
Picked a symbol. I considered the most appropriate, ensure the audience can correctly translate my data, and provided the key in my graph.
organized my pictograph. In two columns,  placed my design.

Final Work Result